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How Much Does It Cost To Run A Ceramic Heater?

cost to run a ceramic heater

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The cost to run a ceramic heater, if you left it set on high for 10 hours a day would be about $1.50, depending on the hours it is used and the cost of electricity in your area. $45 a month isn’t a lot, but you’re not going to be able to heat an entire house with one heater. One would only be effective for a well-insulated efficiency or tiny London bedsit!

Most ceramic heaters consume 1500 watts of power, although some use as little as 825 watts, and obviously if you set it on low, it will take longer to reach the desired temperature than if you set it on high.

A very basic ceramic heater can actually cost more to run than one with more sophisticated features. Most power companies have tiered charges. During peak hours on weekdays – in the mornings when everyone’s getting ready for work, cooking breakfast, taking showers, and watching the morning news, the price of power is high, as it is at certain times during the evening when most people are home, cooking, and running appliances.  During the rest of the day, power is charged at a lower rate, and is cheapest during the night. Tariffs also change according to season and you may get a break on Federal holidays.

Knowing how much power costs at specific times can help you reduce your power bill in other areas, to offset the cost of heating your home during peak periods.

Look for Money/Power-Saving Features

Ceramic heaters are far more sophisticated, efficient, and safer than the space and radiant heaters of the past.  An oscillating ceramic heater can blow distribute air into a larger area of the room than a static heater can.  Add an ultrasonic sensor to your power source, so rooms that are only occasionally used are only heated when someone enters. The heater will turn off automatically when the room is not in use.

Instead of leaving any heater on low all day during cold weather, you can program ceramic heaters to come on before you get home, and even before you get out of bed in the morning, and this can save an enormous amount of power and expense.

A good quality ceramic heater will never overheat because it contains an automatic shut-off.  Many have a safety feature which shuts off the heater if it’s knocked over accidentally, so they are ideal for the elderly and around small children.  The fan will continue running when the heater is turned off to cool it down completely, so there is little chance of burned fingers.

Top quality ceramic heaters with all the bells and whistles are an efficient way to heat all rooms in a house, and if you take the time to explore all the money saving features, and familiarize yourself with your local electricity company’s tariff, they maybe the cheapest way and most efficient ways of keeping warm next winter.

Some ceramic heaters come with a remote control, so no more leaping out of bed to turn off a heater in a bedroom, or having to get off your comfy couch if the living room gets too warm. With a bit of common sense and knowledge you can keep the cost to run a ceramic heater to a minimum.

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